WingWeigh –  Aircraft  Weighing & De-Magnetising.

“The best a plane can get”




LAA Approved member based South East England, with Roll on / Roll off approved and calibrated Salter Brecknell weighing instruments.


Just simple cost effective weighing service for small aircraft both LAA or CofA types.

 Not for 747’s nothing fancy just what you need if you are on a budget. 


 Full schedules electronically produced for your aircraft.

Metric or Imperial on Approved LAA Forms.


From an Auster or an Avid  TO  a  Zenair or a Zlin I can weigh them.


Just £129


Includes travel up to 35 miles from Rochester

Includes: Rochester  Farthing Corner  Headcorn  Lydd  Maypole  Clipgate  Pent  Damyns  Thurrock  Biggin, Deanland  Spilstead Clipgate Manston  etc.


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We also perform de-magnetising (de-gaussing) on whole or parts of aircraft - again for just £129.

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Rochester Airport

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