WingWeigh –  Aircraft  Weighing.

“The best a plane can get”


We use professional weighing equipment specifically for Aircraft. They are Made by well known manufacturer Salter and they are from their Brecknall  range.  We do not use scales made for car use. Each scale has a roll on roll off platform and we carry a spare one should you  need to weigh anything unusual that has four points of contact with the ground.

 The weights are displayed remotely on each control box screen and then entered onto a full LAA approved standard form and all necessary calculations are performed by the software.

 All calculations and loadings can be printed on site if required, please tell us in advance, otherwise we post you a full colour printed set of forms and a Weight & Balance report tailored to your aircraft.

The measuring system is accurate to within +/- 100grams (about 4 ounces) . Each pad has a maximum load of 1100lbs (500kg), giving a theoretical total load of 3300lbs (1500kg). The weighing platforms are calibrated to a traceable standard and check weights are used to maintain reliability.

Aircraft from the lightest Cree Cree to the heaviest RV and  the Cessna 172 and Piper Warrior range can easily be accommodated.

A typical aircraft Weight & Balance will be with you configuring the aircraft into it's dry, empty weight. This usually means removing fuel prior to our arrival and removing all your pilot gear, headsets, lifejackets etc. Reasonably level, firm ground is required where we can level the aircraft, mark and measure the datum points and then roll your aircraft on to the weighing pads. The manufacturer/designers datum points will be located using plumb lines. Weights & distances are then recorded and the Centre of Gravity is calculated.

The process is made easy by the quality of the equipment. Rolling the aircraft onto the scales ensures there is no bias of weight that is often associated with lifting or jacking one wheel at a time. Owner participation is desirable for rolling the aircraft onto the ramps and ensuring accurate measurements.

The CAA and LAA recommend that light aircraft be weighed at least every 10 years. All aircraft have to be re-weighed after re-builds, major repairs, re-sprays or major modifications. The mandatory 5 yearly weighing of Microlights has now been removed.

Nose wheel, tail wheel or mono wheel aircraft can be accommodated.